4. If you have a child that cries in fits of tears, for hours upon hours.

If you have a child that cries in fits of tears, for hours upon hours, who leaves school assignments to the last night of the morning before it’s due, stays up till 4am and still manages an A or B, then most probably, like me , …she’s got ADHD

I have to chase away the wishes to replace my generation letter x with a y. But if only I had been born into a world where such behaviours rather than frowned upon would have lead to an internet search I would have saved a bucket loads of tears.

There’s a name aside from impulsive emotion for this crying behaviour.. I can’t speak as Russell Barkley so expertly speaks in the video link attached but from memory it was something along the lines of emotional flooding, brain scans reveal the process.

Most times my sobs were so heavy my mouth would become a thick foaming pool of saliva and tears, no words could hope to escape my wretched misery formed lips.

Mother had no idea what I was crying about, I’m not sure I did either, at least eventually, for I remember the feeling of becoming emotion itself, something along the lines of sorrow, misery, sadness, failure, frustration, loneliness, helplessness, all wrapped up into one.

I would roll with this emotion, laying under a damp Duvae, pressed into a saturated pillow.

I would roll into a ball and cry and wait. Eventually my mother in her desperate state would telephone my grandmother.

Nana would come like an angel in the night. She was a vessel of love, calm and tenderness, pouring her beautiful graces out and all over, wrapping her arms around me as she lay beside me, she would rock me, and rock me, and rock me.

I still find myself as an adult rocking myself to sleep when troubled thoughts are slow to leave my mind.

God bless you Nana, and for my mother, …she wasn’t to know. But as a mother can you imagine the angst? I can hardly bear to picture myself as a child, in my room like this, crying non-stop for 2+ 3+ hours, relentless…

There would have been a valid reason, but nothing so compelling as the dysfunction happening inside my brain.

Again, if only I had lived my childhood in this marvellous fantastic beautiful and blessed age of information!

Watching this video would have helped her my mother move toward the light.

Would she have considered then that there could be such a description as impulsive emotion for something other than a mood disorder?

Have you?

The word impulsive falls so far short to describe the impulsivity of ADHD. It’s easy to think of it in what I now call a non ADHD definition, “spontaneous action”, the ADHD impulsivity is miles ahead of that!!

Try thinking of it in terms of how your inner brain self function might work, there’s a start.

If you are my friend, my brother, my father, mother, nana, or love, then I wish for you to set aside 30 minutes and watch this video.

(Sorry about the text titles in Japanese? Spanish? Dutch? .. What the flip! ) | ~

But the video is gold, Russell Barkley is a hero for the alphabet tribe. 👍🏽


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