5. I have never read a book in my entire life, not word for word.

I have never read a book in my entire life, not word for word or line by line from start to finish.

I have even challenged myself to complete such a task, time and time again only to succumb to restlessness, bookmark, and upon returning forget where I was.

There must have been a time, under duress, I would have sat and with much effort read a book aloud to pass a test. My grades at school were always in the top or near top percent.

But those good grades of mine were chased with more tears and sweat than what my intellect deserved.

The definition of reading a book, for me, is to obtain context and/or concept, identify and comprehend key points/events, …plot summary and chase down some critical reviews. (These days …YouTube is fantastic!.)

This is achieved by reading the first, second, third and final chapters. Next, a hyper focused speedy skim-reading of every chapter in between. And finally, a lot of pondering and a jump to conclusion, of every word that might have been written between the lines.

This is certainly an adaptive skill of ADHD and clearly illustrates difficulty reading and not something I am proud of. But text for me is an array of endless, visually bland, streaming letters and words.

Keeping my eyes and mind in full focus engagement on these little black and white objects for more than ten minutes is impossible to me.

Breaking with a bookmark and returning to continue the reading. is something I find extremely difficult to do, still. ADHD sucks!

Sometimes I apply this process, oft times to my own detriment, and conduct a speedy interpretation to the reading of people, between the said and unsaid words. Or to the reading of situations, between the seen and unseen. Most of the time I’m right but sometimes I’m horribly wrong.

So point here is , while ADHD has forced me to practice quickness at putting two and two together , overall it’s a risk and hence very important to be mindful of the thoughts and ideas and assumptions one makes !

If I were able to read a book in its entirety, my pick would be “The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. It is also Oprah Winfrey’s choice of most favourite book.

For me personally the insights and advice from Michael Singer have helped me significantly with the challenges of my ADHD and INFJ personality.

The realisation that I cannot change my mind, but I can change how I use it! I can practise to become more focused, more present.

There is wisdom in the quiet spaces and places, in the stillness , for it is there you will come the closest to being in touch with yourself.

There you have the best chance of hearing your voice above the myriad of mental thoughts, that (as Michael Springer so poetically puts it) spew” from your mind. Incessantly.

It is in the sober quietness, that you will find a place to navigate your mastery over the whirlpool of superficial thought and emotion.Why do we speak? “ I cannot hear myself think”

(Attachéd below is link to incredible talk most helpful if you have ADD/ADHD)


Michael presents an easy to follow articulation of a very practical and easy way, to be more mindful. To be a better observer, a more powerful user of your mind. 👍🏽

Ka kite,

love me, and you! xx

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