6. My dirty black ADD list of secrets. Secrets no more.

My dirty black ADD list of secrets. Secrets no more.

Yep. It’s all here. My first and original, personal symptom list. Published in the name of courage , science, medicine and for the blessed souls of the dreamers and the seekers.

It was written on instruction from my doctor before the initial consultation. Of course after the consult, I hid the list away in shame, and then temporarily forgot where I’d hidden it , in true ADHD style, of course.

After 2 years in hiding. I hunted it down and dug it out. Well. I stared at the scrawling agony lived and just shook my head! What a headful! What a handful! Craaaazy huh.

Please note: This list is to be used as a reference. As a tool. As a comparison. As an inspiration.

It is not, and I repeat, it is NOT to be used for naming and blaming, pointing fingers or crying a thousand tears. 

Is it necessary I publish it? – yes. How can I speak out if I’m not prepared to spell it out?

Happy reading xx

Ps: In all seriousness if you can relate to even 50% of these symptoms please go and see someone experienced with ADHD and TOVA testing.

Unfortunately brain scan as diagnosis is not mainstream! Hence the more knowledge of symptoms the better!

Ka kite!

Love me + you



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